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 Dr Aanand Kambli

    Dr Aanand Kambli - Energy Coach, Meditation Expert

  I am a qualified and experienced Energy Healer and clear blockages and negative energy for clients worldwide. I provide what I believe to be a unique service in the field of holistic energy healing, ENERGY SCAN. I use ancient indian techniques to draw up very detailed energy analyses for clients which gives a precise picture of what goes on at a very deep level within the person, and I then put together a completely individualised healing programme, just for that person. The work is mainly done from a distance - this means that the client can be anywhere in the world and can go about his/her usual business while the work is being carried out. Many years of research and development have gone into this therapy. By now it is a tried and tested method and many people have already benefited in very significant ways, and seen great improvements in their health and lives in general.

Languages: English

Doctor In Alternate Medicine, Certified Healer, Certified Samvahan Therapist, Siddha Yoga Meditation Expert.


Online Spiritual Healing, Energy Scannings, Online Siddha Yoga Meditations, Consultations & Guidance, Chakra Healings & Tunings.


Global Travel, Lifestyle Consultant, Treating patients across the globe for past 10 years.

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